Movie Review: Logan (2017) *spoiler alert*

The world’s been buzzing about the movie Logan ever since it was speculated that this would be the last movie Hugh Jackman would be playing the X-Men favorite clawed mutant – Wolverine. The movie released in India on the 3rd of March 2017 and a mutant fanatic like me couldn’t wait to watch it.

The movie is a must watch for every Mutant lover and watching Hugh Jackman play Wolverine can never stop amusing you. He’ll take you back to your teenage years where you’ll be clasping your hands together, biting your nails and murmuring to yourself as he destroys every ‘bad guy’ on his way. It breaks your heart knowing that you will not be seeing him on the big screen playing the iconic mutant again. Also you will be taken aback by an outstanding performance by the kiddo – child artist Dafne Keen and of course Sir Patrick Stewart, the professor and headmaster we wish we had in real life –Charles Xavier aka Professor X. For parental advice the movie has a lot of violence and gore. If you were here just for the review, I’d say stop scrolling further to avoid any spoilers!

The movie starts with a bunch of goons trying to rob what looks like some machine parts (tire maybe) of a luxury limousine. We see a drunk/sleepy head Logan getting off the car and warning the gentlemen to go back and no harm would be caused. But as predicted the buttheads shoot him and continue what they were doing anyway. Struggling to stand up Logan manages to get up and walk towards them and requests them to stop. Things take a different turn and we see wolverine alive killing everyone leaving their corpses lying limbless and headless.

It is here we realize that Logan is a taxi driver in New Mexico and looks rather old, grumpy and is struggling to heal back.

The corpses attract a cyborg – Donald Pierce to track Logan who warns him that someone may come looking for him and it would be kind if he would report to him whenever that happens.

We get introduced to Caliban – a mutant tracker and a mutant himself talking about another mutant going out of control, trying to make contact. We see Logan carry medicines and injection to a deserted hiding wherein an old man supposedly suffering from Alzheimer’s disease was talking to himself. This is none other than our Professor Charles Xavier. With a brain that dangerous and a disease of the mind making him rather volatile and more dangerous than ever. He would get seizures often that would affect everyone around him, making it difficult to move. Charles keeps talking about communicating to some mutants and Logan only shuts him up saying that the world has changed and our kind are very few.


A Mexican nurse Gabriella with a kid tracks Logan and requests him for help. Realizing that he’s a taxi driver, she even manages to book his cab. Logan agrees after she offers him $ 50k which he needs to take care of Charles and himself. The next day he finds the woman dead in her apartment and the child missing. He takes her phone and goes back to their hiding. Caliban insists that there is someone or something that Logan has got back in his car. They find a bag pack and a ball in the trunk leading their eyes to the kid from that night – Laura. Laura X23Pierce tracks Logan to the hideout and they put up a fight to find Laura and Professor X. The professor insists Logan that he should save the kid and she is special. During the fight we see that Laura had been genetically created using Logan’s gene and is the ‘daughter’ of wolverine. Pierce manages to take Caliban as prisoner while the trio escape him. In Gabriella’s phone they learn more about Laura and other kids like her. She had wanted him to take Laura to a place called Eden from where all the children that escaped from the company run by Dr. Rice where they were genetically created using X-Men and other mutants’ genes, will be crossing the border.

Along their journey to a safe house, they encounter a family whose horses run off the highway. Professor X helps them with his mind control and the family offers them to stay the night for dinner. Post dinner the water supply was shut, so Logan and the man go to the fields to fix the water supply. Meanwhile Pierce sends out his men to capture the girl. They track them by torturing Caliban and send a genetically engineered mutant to kill them. This mutant does not have a conscious of his own and is controlled by the Doctor. He attacks Charles and destroys the entire family. This mutant is an exact replica of Logan himself! While Laura is been carried by him, Logan and the man manage to reach the house. It’s an awe to watch two wolverines fight each other. Though he manages to save the kid, Charles lost his life and Caliban sets himself on fire by bursting the entire truck in flames in an attempt to save Laura.

Wolverine is dying and he is not healing. The kid manages to take him to a doctor after they bury Charles in the woods near a lake. Adamant Logan only keeps yelling at Laura till he sleeps off due to tiredness. Laura drives the vehicle to Eden where she meets all the escaped children. They treat Logan and tell him about their plan of crossing the border. During the night Logan and Laura have a conversation where he explains to her about adamantium in their bodies that is killing him and which eventually after years would kill her too. He shows her a bullet made of adamantium that he holds to remind himself of his weakness. At Dawn when the kids make an escape, Logan wakes up to the sound of militant vehicles. Knowing the kids are in danger he makes his way out to the woods to help the children. He takes an injection that temporarily cures him and makes his way to the woods. After putting a tough fight, he instructs Laura to free the kids and escape while he distracts the enemy.


Logan kills Dr. Rice, this angers the wolverine lookalike mutant against him and they have a tough fight. Meanwhile Laura frees the kids, killing most of the militants and the children manage to kill Pierce. Logan gets defeated by his lookalike, yells at Laura to take the children and escape. Angered by the lookalike Wolverine, Laura uses the adamantium bullet and shoots his head off, killing him. Teary eyed Laura holds Logan as he says his last words and calls him daddy. The children bury him, as a tearful Laura gives a eulogy and make an escape.

Logan: Nature made me a freak. Man made me a weapon. And God made it last too long.

The movie was heart wrenching and the only thing I did not like in the movie was the death of my two favorite X-Men.  It would have been easier to see Logan dying had they shown him dying gradually though last few movies than suddenly killing him off. Hope you enjoy the movie like I did!