Weekly Photo Challenge: Family

Weekly Photo Challenge: Family

This week’s photo challenge is FAMILY.
Family to some people can either be blood or water or both. To me family is only blood. Not that friends don’t matter to me, but I’ve always distinguished both relations and my priorities are different for both.
This picture shows my uncle and aunt at the front leading our way as we kids follow them in line holding hands. And the rest of the elders were walking behind the kids.
This is a random picture but even then it is so disciplined and shows how every member is protective of their clan and how without the need for instructions everyone seems to abide by certain rules that is imaginary.
Family grows through a bond which can stay strong if we follow certain “rules”and these rules are nothing but a few norms that help us understand each other better and adjust to different individuals. Many may disagree with my view about there existing certain norms but when you think deep, practically it isn’t possible for one human being to adjust to another without following a protocol.