Weekly Photo Challenge – One

Weekly Photo Challenge – One

Only one bloomed flower! This pink rose I clicked in Philadelphia 😀



Life in Mumbai is not easy they say. She never agreed to them. Here is why she feels the opposite.

               Walking through the city streets every day from morning to night, she was accustomed to be thrown out of places, spit on by strangers and heard abuses when she went close to them. It did not matter to her how ill-mannered people were. She considered it a part of the life she was living. Her life purpose was to reach out her hand and earn. To her, hard work meant putting up with the forces of the human race that pushed her down and stand strong without letting her determination to live, die within her. She did not have to worry about shelter, as the almighty would look after that necessity of hers. She wanted to feed and protect herself and the little one she dragged with her everywhere she went.

She found happiness in watching the stars at night, feeling the heat of the sun on her palms, watching people smile and munching fresh food. Her hunger to live nurtured her to be unspoilt and humble. She only took what she needed and gave all that she had in serving the ones who looked up to her. When she watched young girls pass by with books and school bags, she would sit on the road and use a small piece of white cement block to write letters and read them loud. She loved the attention she got from different people who appreciated her with some food and goodies. She would impress them with her dance moves and her sweet voice. Her sister banged an old steel plate with hands to make music. Very few paid attention to her happiness. Not many knew what this young child goes through every day.

She is considered a dirt, that filths the nation. Yet she loved her country and her people. She would sell tiny flags on Independence Day and pin one onto her half-torn clothes. She would peep through the holes of a school compound and watch the flag hoisting. She knew the anthem and proudly sang it with pride. Her own people never accepted her yet she loved them so much.

Why did it not bother her that nobody cared when she fell ill and threw her to the dogs when she came for water? What is that about the city that still kept her to her feet?

               It has only been 6 years since she has been in this world and yet she has a wisdom that even a learned cannot have. It is simple she says. If every time in life you are only going to see the dark, you will always remain in the dark. When a candle is lit in a dark room, no matter how small the flame is, it brightens every corner of the room. That is why she does not cry over all the times people have trampled over her. She instead remembers all those who came to her rescue during her desperation.

As she walked pass a few cars, begging for coins, one shiny car opened their door and gave her a plastic bag filled with some new clothes. It was Diwali, a time for new clothes to flaunt. She grabbed the bag and ran across the road and took out each item one after the other and examined them. She was choosy and found one that she liked the most. She kept back rest of the clothes, handed the bag to one of the elders and said, “Tai ye hum kal subah meri baaki saheliyon ko baatengey. Kripyiya isse surakshit jagah pey rakhna.” (Translation: “Sister, please keep this bag safe with you. Tomorrow morning we shall distribute these clothes to my friends.”)

If only we can learn something from her. She might look poverty-stricken. Yet her heart is richer than ours is.


She told me to look straight into her eyes before she closes them. I thought she was out of her mind. Yet I didn’t want to take the risk of the consequences of not listening to her. So I stared into her eyes, for too long. She blinked and nothing happened. We walked off and I kept wondering why she was acting so weird all day. I found nothing special in her eyes.

When I reached home and switched on the Wi-Fi, I remembered that night at her place when everyone was waiting for her internet to work. She said it always crashed during the rains. I didn’t bother about Wi-Fi then cause all I wanted to have was fun and a night away from my phone. We danced all night. Played games, sang songs and laughed all night like we didn’t have any worries of the world, lost in the music and the smiles that lit up the room even when the lights were off. She loved having fun. We were always her motivation to smile and do things she’d never do if it weren’t for us. She lived her life and enjoyed it the way she did because when she watched us play she would elude herself into a different world. A world where she didn’t have to fret about who was watching her and talked what about her.

We were the reason why she looked beyond those prying eyes who only reckoned her by her guises (She was indisputably beautiful). The purpose behind she letting herself free was us. If it wasn’t for us, she would mix around with the crowd and be one like them, the ones who never looked deeper into a soul than the body alone.

Then what about us? What about those times when she didn’t have us and we were on the other side of the road while she was busy being one like them? She judged us with her inquisitive senses, gossiping wrong about us only to get some limelight. What about the times when she would ignore and disrespect us only to sound levelheaded and popular? Words and actions can hurt anyone as deep as the ocean. At times like these you don’t know what to believe and whom to trust. When you’re never being yourself around one person, how will the person know you’re for real?

Maybe that wound never healed and hence I didn’t grasp anything in her eyes but a blank dark hole that only saw and took others for granted. She was with me, with us, only so she could experiment her guilty pleasures without pricking her conscious. It is saddening to realize the fact that during those times when she let herself loose, her eyeballs never left us. Her eyes ogled deep, and never beyond our remains. She only perceived what she wanted to and never paid attention to how much she was losing by pretending to genuinely like us.

What she failed to understand is that we are who we are. Being copies isn’t going to take her as far as we have come. She lost us to the people who always judged her right. At least they were right about her and didn’t fall hard like we did. I’m glad we could dust ourselves up from the mess and finally go back to being what we were and care less about the world and worry more about our happiness.

What does the Fox say?

My sister’s friend suggested her to watch this video. She was playing it loud to wake me up from sleep this morning. Thought I’d share it with you’ll. 😀

These days every song with a good composition of music is a big hit. Well this video explains why lyrics don’t matter anymore!

Play it loud and Laugh out Loud 😀

Let me know your views about this great artist. 😛

Pretty little liars Grave New World – Halloween special *spoiler alert!*

I watched the long awaited Halloween special episode of pretty little liars season 4 yesterday. Must say I enjoyed every minute that passed by it. I love how they had made the theme song graphics for this particular episode! You can view the opening theme below –

Halloween opening theme song video

The liars looked stunning in their pretty gowns.

They notice a man in the soldier suite suspiciously talking to a girl which A was to wear that night

They notice a man in the soldier suite suspiciously talking to a girl which A was to wear that night

I loved Aria’s gown the most. The colour and the design made it look very rich and gothic.



Hanna was a hottie among the rest of them.

hanna's look for pll halloween speacial

hanna’s look for pll halloween speacial

Here is a gist of the episode (spoiler ALERT!)

At the party, the girls notice a man dressed up as a soldier and talking to girl. He looked like he was harassing her so the girls assume he probably is A and plan on following the girl to find out more about this man. They soon realise that he cannot be A.

On their search for Alison the girls find a secret underground passage at the cemetery. They enter the passage and lose Hanna in the passage. This passage leads them to a mansion door. Hanna, separated from the rest, first reaches this door as she scuttles away with fear from rats. Inside Ezra is shown to be stalking her who also locks her up in a dialing booth of the mansion.

Hanna locked in the phone booth

Hanna locked in the phone booth

When the rest of the girls enter the mansion, they hear ally’s voice and rush through the doors, losing track of each other. Spencer goes missing while Aria and Em are together.

The mansion looks haunted and belongs to Miranda’s uncle – a girl that Caleb meets in the bus who is come in search for her family to Ravenswood. (She is pretty isn’t she? 😉 )

Miranda Collins

Miranda frees Hanna and leave the mansion. Miranda reunites Hanna with Caleb who had apparently told Miranda he was here in search for his girlfriend, Hanna. Caleb and Hanna part ways because Hanna convinces Caleb to stay back and help Miranda find her family.

Towards the end of the episode the girls finally meet the girl they had been madly searching for and are now bewildered as Alison reveals to them how desperate her situation is and that no place is safe, after which she disappears again.

Alison meets up with the girls

As if this shock wasn’t enough for the PLL fans, the episode ends with Caleb and Miranda discovering graves under their names in Ravenswood! This closing made me watch Ravenswood episode 1 as well. 😛

Caleb's grave

Caleb’s grave

The next episode of PLL now airs in January! There is a Long time for that day to come. I hate how they release episodes in such long gaps. 😐

Let me now your views about PLL Halloween special episode. Do you hate Ezra as much as I do? Or are you still hoping he is just being another Toby? Was the girl they met really Ally or was it her twin as read in the books?

I feel Ezra surely ain’t the innocent guy like he always was portrayed in the show. Either the girl who died was Alison’s twin and the one that meets the girls is the real Alison or vice versa.

I Hope all those who couldn’t watch PLL enjoyed this recap!

A Reverie

She sprawled on her bed, unstable and disturbed. She was sleepy yet she didn’t want to sleep. She observed a flash of light. It was morning and she stood up wide awake, ready to leave for college.

Her mesmerizing smile catches her eye. Lost in the beauty of her innocence, she stares at this petite face and wonders, “what made me so mad at her?” She grabs her arm and drags her along as she ran toward the train. She ran behind her, listening to her sweet voice. Both stepped one foot forward, held the pole and in a rush entered it. They started to laugh in excitement like they’re kids. “Never been so happy being with her” she thought to herself, still pondering why this face was making her happy yet so ashamed.

When the clock hit eight, the train halted with a jerk. She stopped daydreaming and looked around. No one moved and nor could she hear them speak. That face she had been watching disappeared. All kinds of mixed emotions flew through her head. She tried to talk but her lips were slumped and felt too heavy to move. As she raised her hand to pat her face, her head started to spin and she felt a twitching pain. She thought she was dead. She fell unconscious and was blacked out.

Few minutes later, she rolled her eyes and opened them slowly. She was cold though it was bright. She looked ahead and saw a door wide open. She praised God that she is in heaven and not in hell! When she tried sitting up, her head hurt again and then it struck her. She noticed the clothes hanging behind the door. She smiled. Rubbing her head, she got up from the floor and searched for her cell at the side table. She scanned through her contacts and texted her ‘good morning’. Instantly her phone beeped and read “good morning! How are you?”

This time she was determined never to hurt this face that played a part in her happiness every day.

All that we see or seem, is but a dream within a dream. ~Edgar Allan Poe

Movie Review: Pacific Rim (2013) *no spoilers*

There are things you can’t fight – acts of God. You see a hurricane coming, you get out of the way. But when you’re in a Jaeger, you can finally fight the hurricane. You can win. – Raleigh Becket

I watched Pacific Rim today all alone at home. I’m glad I watched it alone and didn’t force my dad to watch it with me (like I always do) because if I’d done that, I would have got to hear him snore while I struggle to stay up and watch it. Didn’t get me yet? Well, the movie was boring. -_- It put me to sleep.

The only reason I watched the whole movie is because of the visuals and the sound. The graphics of the movie are amazing! Though I didn’t like the fact that the Jaegars resembled so much of a transformer (from the movie Transformers) only that they were robots being controlled by two military pilots.

The movie is set in future where giant alien dinosaurs called the Kaijus attack the Earth. They enter onto Earth through a bridge created from a different dimension in the pacific ocean. (Hence the name– ‘Pacific’ rim!) These sea monsters want to take over the Earth and begin their existence here. With the help of a panel of the most efficient scientists and military forces, the army develops Jaegars to fight with these horrid looking creatures. Of all the encounters with the kaijus, most of them fail resulting in loss of pilots or injure them badly.

The movie is very superficial and keeps juggling from one end to the other making it messy. The script sucked badly. I wish they had a better story line. All you enjoy is watching a jaegar fight a monster.

As for the acting, most famous TV series actors have been cast such as Idris Elba, Charlie Day, Burn Gorman, Charlie Hunman and Diego Klattenhoff. I enjoyed watching Charlie Day and Burn Gorman playing the comic scientists and they both have played their characters really well. As per the rest of the actors I’m just assuming they didn’t do that great because of the script.

If you are a fan of fantasy comics and watch action movies only to watch the armed fights, then this movie is worth one time watch. Without the high tech graphics this movie wouldn’t have got the rating it has. (7.8/10 IMDB charts)

I guess I’ll have a short nap now. Zzz.

Movie Review: Gravity 3D (2013) *no spoilers*

You have to learn to let go. – Matt Kowalski

    My friend and I had been planning for a movie together since yesterday. We both were extremely confused between ‘Gravity’, starring Sandra Bullock, George Clooney and ‘Captain Phillips’ starring Tom Hanks. Both were doing good at the box office and both movies had a story line which you cannot compare with the other. Thanks to waking up late we ended up watching Gravity in 3D and must say this movie made my day! *_*

“The Fight for Survival”

    I read through many reviews both negative and positive on this movie before shortlisting it among the movies to be watched. Most people have mentioned how beautiful the visuals of this movie were but found the story line boring and unreal.

    When the movie began with three astronauts working on a satellite who are also in constant touch with the NASA station at Houston, I was starting to feel like I’m not going to like this movie. Right when this thought hit me, the screen blew up with debris of the satellite and I went blank for a moment. The three astronauts were separated from each other, Dr. Ryan Stone played by Sandra Bullock is twisting, turning, rotating and floating in space losing out on oxygen and communication with the rest of them. Helpless and lost, she is later tracked down by veteran astronaut Matt Kowalsky played by George Clooney, who was in command in this mission which was his last before retiring. The duo with help of the MMU (Manned Maneuvering Unit) – similar to a jetpack Matt had, they traveled through space to find their Shuttle and their crew. When they reach their shuttle they realize that they are the sole survivors of the disaster. The movie then unfolds the struggle the two undergo to survive the IMPOSSIBLE. The story line is slow but you will be lost into the movie because the script is wonderfully done!

    Unlike most 3D movies that I have watched, this movie made me feel like I was in real experiencing all that I was watching. The movie has its own bit of humor and drama and has portrayed what exactly a normal human would do in such a panic situation. Sandra bullock has done a great job in this movie. I felt like i was going through every bit of emotion she acted Dr. Stone to have gone through.

This movie reminded me of ‘Life of Pi’ since here too Ryan is left all alone in a place where all you see is your death. Must say I’m pretty much convinced that space is a horror land.  😛

I loved the movie. Without the 3D effects and the visuals, I’m not sure how well the movie would have run. I say this because the movie is slow and catches up later in the end. But trust me, YOU HAVE to watch this movie in 3D no matter what! It’s a real space adventure and you will have a story to tell! 😉

I hope you’ll enjoy the movie. 🙂

“Clear skies with a chance of satellite debris.”as quoted by Dr. Ryan Stone – That is exactly how unpredictable life is. When everything is bright and beautiful, you may find yourself in trouble with the most unexpected torturing and learning experiences in life.