Pretty little liars Grave New World – Halloween special *spoiler alert!*

I watched the long awaited Halloween special episode of pretty little liars season 4 yesterday. Must say I enjoyed every minute that passed by it. I love how they had made the theme song graphics for this particular episode! You can view the opening theme below –

Halloween opening theme song video

The liars looked stunning in their pretty gowns.

They notice a man in the soldier suite suspiciously talking to a girl which A was to wear that night

They notice a man in the soldier suite suspiciously talking to a girl which A was to wear that night

I loved Aria’s gown the most. The colour and the design made it look very rich and gothic.



Hanna was a hottie among the rest of them.

hanna's look for pll halloween speacial

hanna’s look for pll halloween speacial

Here is a gist of the episode (spoiler ALERT!)

At the party, the girls notice a man dressed up as a soldier and talking to girl. He looked like he was harassing her so the girls assume he probably is A and plan on following the girl to find out more about this man. They soon realise that he cannot be A.

On their search for Alison the girls find a secret underground passage at the cemetery. They enter the passage and lose Hanna in the passage. This passage leads them to a mansion door. Hanna, separated from the rest, first reaches this door as she scuttles away with fear from rats. Inside Ezra is shown to be stalking her who also locks her up in a dialing booth of the mansion.

Hanna locked in the phone booth

Hanna locked in the phone booth

When the rest of the girls enter the mansion, they hear ally’s voice and rush through the doors, losing track of each other. Spencer goes missing while Aria and Em are together.

The mansion looks haunted and belongs to Miranda’s uncle – a girl that Caleb meets in the bus who is come in search for her family to Ravenswood. (She is pretty isn’t she? 😉 )

Miranda Collins

Miranda frees Hanna and leave the mansion. Miranda reunites Hanna with Caleb who had apparently told Miranda he was here in search for his girlfriend, Hanna. Caleb and Hanna part ways because Hanna convinces Caleb to stay back and help Miranda find her family.

Towards the end of the episode the girls finally meet the girl they had been madly searching for and are now bewildered as Alison reveals to them how desperate her situation is and that no place is safe, after which she disappears again.

Alison meets up with the girls

As if this shock wasn’t enough for the PLL fans, the episode ends with Caleb and Miranda discovering graves under their names in Ravenswood! This closing made me watch Ravenswood episode 1 as well. 😛

Caleb's grave

Caleb’s grave

The next episode of PLL now airs in January! There is a Long time for that day to come. I hate how they release episodes in such long gaps. 😐

Let me now your views about PLL Halloween special episode. Do you hate Ezra as much as I do? Or are you still hoping he is just being another Toby? Was the girl they met really Ally or was it her twin as read in the books?

I feel Ezra surely ain’t the innocent guy like he always was portrayed in the show. Either the girl who died was Alison’s twin and the one that meets the girls is the real Alison or vice versa.

I Hope all those who couldn’t watch PLL enjoyed this recap!


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