Movie Review: Gravity 3D (2013) *no spoilers*

You have to learn to let go. – Matt Kowalski

    My friend and I had been planning for a movie together since yesterday. We both were extremely confused between ‘Gravity’, starring Sandra Bullock, George Clooney and ‘Captain Phillips’ starring Tom Hanks. Both were doing good at the box office and both movies had a story line which you cannot compare with the other. Thanks to waking up late we ended up watching Gravity in 3D and must say this movie made my day! *_*

“The Fight for Survival”

    I read through many reviews both negative and positive on this movie before shortlisting it among the movies to be watched. Most people have mentioned how beautiful the visuals of this movie were but found the story line boring and unreal.

    When the movie began with three astronauts working on a satellite who are also in constant touch with the NASA station at Houston, I was starting to feel like I’m not going to like this movie. Right when this thought hit me, the screen blew up with debris of the satellite and I went blank for a moment. The three astronauts were separated from each other, Dr. Ryan Stone played by Sandra Bullock is twisting, turning, rotating and floating in space losing out on oxygen and communication with the rest of them. Helpless and lost, she is later tracked down by veteran astronaut Matt Kowalsky played by George Clooney, who was in command in this mission which was his last before retiring. The duo with help of the MMU (Manned Maneuvering Unit) – similar to a jetpack Matt had, they traveled through space to find their Shuttle and their crew. When they reach their shuttle they realize that they are the sole survivors of the disaster. The movie then unfolds the struggle the two undergo to survive the IMPOSSIBLE. The story line is slow but you will be lost into the movie because the script is wonderfully done!

    Unlike most 3D movies that I have watched, this movie made me feel like I was in real experiencing all that I was watching. The movie has its own bit of humor and drama and has portrayed what exactly a normal human would do in such a panic situation. Sandra bullock has done a great job in this movie. I felt like i was going through every bit of emotion she acted Dr. Stone to have gone through.

This movie reminded me of ‘Life of Pi’ since here too Ryan is left all alone in a place where all you see is your death. Must say I’m pretty much convinced that space is a horror land.  😛

I loved the movie. Without the 3D effects and the visuals, I’m not sure how well the movie would have run. I say this because the movie is slow and catches up later in the end. But trust me, YOU HAVE to watch this movie in 3D no matter what! It’s a real space adventure and you will have a story to tell! 😉

I hope you’ll enjoy the movie. 🙂

“Clear skies with a chance of satellite debris.”as quoted by Dr. Ryan Stone – That is exactly how unpredictable life is. When everything is bright and beautiful, you may find yourself in trouble with the most unexpected torturing and learning experiences in life.


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